How to caress the woman's breasts

How to caress the woman's breasts

The most sensitive areas of the woman's breasts are the nipples and areolas, regardless of their sizes and shapes.

How to stimulate a woman's breasts

The woman's breast is filled with nerve endings; this is why these are one of the most sensitive areas to touch. If the woman's breasts are well manipulated and stimulated, they could leave a woman ready for the best of orgasms.

Nipples can be big or small and hidden, the areola is the part that surrounds the nipples, it has a different color that the skin and usually has thin hair.

Not every breast is the same, therefore they don't respond in the same way to different stimuli, it is clear though, that they are really sensitive, if we want to give a man the idea of how sensitive they are, we can compare them with their testicles.

"Because of all the nerve endings, the breasts are very sensitive and if the strokes are very strong and can cause sharp pain."

We don't have to think that if breasts are small the woman won't get excited as when she has big breasts. All of them have nerve endings and they could give pleasure to a woman regardless of their size.

Touching the breasts properly makes easier to accomplish a successful intercourse, due to the fact that the libido rise up to high levels. The breasts are closely connected to the clitoris, that's the reason why a good stimulation of the breast easily prepares the woman for an orgasm.

Because stimulation of the breasts is related to orgasm?

These are some advices that could help you if you want to arise all the passion and eroticism through this part that wants to be touch and pamper.

To caress the breasts not only can we use hands, but we can also lick them, suck them and nibble them softly, etc.

"Do not focus only on the nipple, the breast is a whole."

To caress them properly, you have to do it with a soft movement of your hands (palms) over and under the nipple, you will notice soon their erection, at that moment, nothing is better that caress them and play with them using the tip of your fingers. Then take the nipple with your forefinger and your thumb and rub it softly.

Some women enjoy if you pull them strongly or push them inside the areolas or even, that you twist or pinch them. It is best to try every single one of the techniques and pay attention to the things that she says or the signals that she sends you, with her breathing, her movements or by the way she moans.

Don't focus only in the nipple, the breast is a whole; caress the nipple, the areola, and the complete breast. You have to take your time to caress them, give them the importance that they have. Stimulate them.

Caress them softly but intensively at the same time. All the nerve endings make breasts more sensitive and if you caress them strongly or abruptly it may cause pain.

Don't caress them only because you have to, women must feel that you enjoy this moment, that the fact that you caress her breasts turns you on, that it excites you and you enjoy it as well as her.

When the woman is turned on, nothing is better than switching for a fast stimulation, but always carefully. When you press the bosom with strength it hits the ribs and it produces a lot of pain.

If the woman is in the last days of her period, the breasts are more sensitive (the same as the woman). At those moments it is best to caress them softly, because regularly it causes a lot of pleasure but in those days it may be painful.

The couple's communication is fundamental at every moment and also when we talk about pleasure and sexual satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to ask or talk to her about what turns her on, the way she likes to be caress and touch. This won't make that she feels that you are an expert but that you love her and you want her satisfied.

Stimulate her breasts with his mouth

Another way to stimulate breasts is through the mouth. You can start by circling the nipple with your tongue and barely touch it with your lips. When you use the tip of your tongue, you'll be able to feel the reaction of the nipple, because it is able to get bigger and get tighter when the woman is turned on.

Put the nipple in your mouth and press it softly between your tongue and your palate and then suck it softly.

Play with different movements while you have the nipple in your mouth, move your head to the sides, backwards and forwards use all your tongue to lick it, feel the reaction of the woman to identify what turns her on the most.

Don't forget about the other breast, you can suck one of them and caress the other one and then switch, caress both at the same time, etc.

One last advice, everything has to be done softly, is not the same to caress firmly than squeeze strongly, or a soft nibble than a bite, all women want a caring touch that allows them to fully enjoy this moment.

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Recent comments written about How to caress the woman's breasts
Arun, Enviado el 27/05/2013
Thanks. The article has been immensely helpful in enhancement of pleasure during sex with my partner and she enjoyed my soft handling of boobs thoroughly.
Carresing, Enviado el 19/02/2013
Yeah one can even try other feathers or even soft haired brush, it does a good job in arousing. I use such things on my partner and she gets excited to the highest.
Johnny Estrada , Enviado el 28/05/2011
Very good Article indeed .I just wanted to add a couple of things : first Men do have nipples too.I mean some that some Men like me in example get aroused if our mate knows about this. And to finish just to say that some Ladies may like very gentle massage at te beginning but may also like after a...... Show full comment
09876578964, Enviado el 05/03/2011
Put softly your hand on all parts of brst except nipple and niple is the last point of caressing the breast
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How to caress the woman's breasts