How to use cutlery in a formal dinner

How to use cutlery in a formal dinner

In a formal dinner we find cutlery on both sides of the plate and different types of glasses to use. We suddenly feel scare because we don’t want to “screw it up”. These basic tips will help you look like a guest of honor.

Tips to use cutlery correctly

The first and important thing to know is that in the table cutlery has a specific order. The ones that are away, that is, away from the plate, are the ones that we have to use first. And then we will continue with the rest following the same order.

How to use cutlery in a formal dinner

  • The forks are located to the left and the knifes to the right. The spoons are also located to the right (to the right of the last knife therefore the spoon will be used first, because the entrance will probably be a soup)
  • If we find a knife in the bread basket, it isn't because someone left it there; we are going to use it to butter the bread. We must not use the knife to cut the bread, do it with your fingers, and then take a smaller piece to eat.
  • It's important not to put your elbows or forearms on the table when we use cutlery. Another important tip, cutlery must go to your mouth and not the other way around. We must not make noise or sip our food while we eat.
  • "First and foremost namely a formal dinner on the table is that the cutlery has a certain order."

  • To help you swallow the food, eat a small piece of bread.
  • If you have to give cutlery to someone at the table, take the cutlery by the middle, the other person should take it by the handle.
  • Do not cut all the meat at once. Do it in this way: Cut a piece, grab it with the fork, put it in your mouth and then, enjoy.
  • When it comes to the glasses, there are three types in general. They are located from left to right in the following order: water, white wine, red wine. According to the occasion, we could find a champagne glass that will be the fourth and last glass.
  • Dessert cutlery is located in front of the plate, between the plate and the glasses. If we don't find any cutlery, it will probably come with the dessert.
  • "When finished eating, place the silverware in parallel on the plate, with the knife edge inward."
  • When you finish eating, you must place the cutlery over the plate in a parallel way and the knife with the edge inward.

Now that you know how to behave at the table, just relax and enjoy the evening.

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How to use cutlery in a formal dinner